In July

Story behind the song:

This song was born from a writing assignment given to me in an email song club started by NYC songwriter Adam Levy. Every Sunday Adam emails me and the other writers in the club a title. By Thursday at Midnight we have to write to the title and upload it to a DropBox. In July was penned actually In April I believe (haha) and I had the idea of playing, producing, and mixing from the ground up in my project studio and releasing to iTunes. In July was the perfect single to do that with and I was so excited. My project studio is really just a garage with my recording gear. No frills. No AC. And it was record breaking heat in Nashville in July when I was tracking and mixing. So the song really does have a bit of summer sweat to it and I'm really proud of the whole thing. Getting the single peaking at #25 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart was a nice surprise as well. -E

Written by: Ernie Halter
Produced by: Ernie Halter
Musicians: Ernie Halter
Engineered By: Ernie Halter
Mixed By: Ernie Halter
Mastered By: Ron Probst
Studio: Ernie Halter's Bedroom
Label: Grateful King Records
Published By: Ernie Halter Music (ASCAP)