Let You Go

Story behind the song:

I wrote "Let You Go" while reflecting on a friendship that had become unhealthy. It was written during a period where both my friend and I took time away from each other to evaluate keeping our friendship or letting it go. The song was written before the breakup of the friendship and captures the thoughts going on in my head during that time.

"Let You Go" is a cry of desperation that was written in the (very) small and humid bathroom of a cruise ship state room at 11pm, with my sister sleeping a few feet away from me. It's a story of how sometimes we need to let go of friendships that become toxic and unhealthy, and how, whether we're ready or not, those friendships need to go, and we need to learn to be okay with it.

"Let You Go" is by far one of the most heartbreaking, honest songs I've ever written.

Written by: Enoch Yang
Produced by: Enoch Yang and Casey Loudon
Musicians: Enoch Yang and Casey Loudon
Engineered By: Enoch Yang and Casey Loudon
Mixed By: Enoch Yang and Casey Loudon
Mastered By: Adam Watts
Studio: Abstract Studios and Broken City Studios
Label: Independent
Published By: Enoch Yang Creative Publishing