Julia Ross

I should speak honesty, but I lie
You would leave if you could read my mind

When I lie next to you I canít shut off my mind
Hold my breath while you breathe
The same thing every night
Who will be first to go

The morning after
Weíll be actors
Iíll be pleading insanity
Faking rapture
Loveís disaster
The story of you and me

The truth will never work
Somebodyís getting hurt
Over and over again

Weíre just actors
Actors... ActorsÖ Actors... Actors

Fate writes the script, learn the lines, follow it
We play the scene, but we donít give a shit

I feel stuck, youíre confused
Only see black and white
I shoot first then regret
I choose fight over flight
Fall asleep to forget


Itíll never last, every movie ends
After the final kiss
Iím playing house, youíre playing God
Who can live like this
Weíre better off, deep in a role
That we can hide in
Itís not a lie, if we believe it