It Only Hurts When I'm Awake

Julia Ross

The story starts with a broken heart
And you said:
“Honey, fall apart… and I’ll fix you”

Me... drunk on you, high on us
Didn't see it coming
Funny how things turn around

Now I pray...
Pray for sleep every second of the day..... Cause

It only hurts when I'm awake
Wanna sleep all day and night
Gotta drink you off my mind
This hell is mine to pay

Only hurts when I'm awake
Always lost inside a buzz
Take me back to who I was
To love was my mistake

It only hurts when I'm a'
It only hurts when I'm a'
It only hurts when I'm awake

Where we slept, now an… empty bed
Like a death, suddenly you left and didn’t take me

It’s not real and I hate how I feel
Joke’s on me
Sick of crying myself to sleep


I gave you my all
And you threw it back
That’s how love goes, they said it
You gave up, fate wasn’t enough
How could I know, you’d do this
Stuck in a place where my heart’s frozen
I lie awake with eyes wide open