Medicine Man

Julia Ross

I've been strung out in the rain
I've been taking pills and moonshine
And if anybody asks I'm fine
But I'm not alright

All I wanted was some love
But that river done dried up
Baby could you make a house call
Come stay the night

Feeling sick, feeling tired
Feel my pulse, I'm a real live wire
Help now don't make me beg
Before the devil come
And take my breath away

Come on take all the pain away
Be the cure to my yesterdays
Do whatever you can
Be my medicine man

I won't question a thing you do
Fill me up with that drug that's you
Feel so safe in your hands
Be my medicine man
Be my medicine man

I don't wanna wake the sun
Just gonna lay here with the blinds closed
I got the blues low that I can't get high
I've been craving you like Mmm Mmm Mmm
We doing things my daddy wouldn't like
And that's quite alright

Pre Chorus