Black Bear

Julia Ross

I donít really wanna go
I donít really wanna know
What Iím thinking
When am I leaving ?
So Iím biting on my nails
While Iím counting all my fails†

Can I start drinking?†
When am I leaving?

Oh noÖ take me out and leave me out†
So I can drown in wine
Dream onÖ being irresponsible
But following close behind, is that...

Black Bear
I know youíre out there
Im trying not to not care
but you keep on scratching at my back door

Black Bear
you got that cold stare
you want me to stay scared
so you keep on scratching at my back door

Now I wanna start a fight
But I never win Ďem 'cause you're right†
Iíll get out my gun
If it means that youíll run†

Can I be left alone?
If you want a happy home
Then I just need air
Donít think I donít care


Iíve got my rhythm now
And I canít make it change
Get on my wave or be my sky weíll fly away

Youíre calling me out
Itís chasing me down
Iím hearing the sound of that black bear