These Dragons of Mine

Julia Ross

All I wanna do is kiss you 
But all I ever do is trick you 

Tell me why 
Tell me why 
Do i have to be this way

All I wanna do is move with you 
But you only wanna dance to sad tunes
Lead you on , turn you off
Do I have to be this way 

La La La La

I’ll be losing my mind 
While you find it, while you’re calling me out 
Out of these castles where I hide
You keep falling in love with these dragons of mine

I wanna fly high like above you 
Take on the wind like birds do 

I know why
I know why
You love me on those days

Then all you wanna do is fix me 
But you gotta learn to leave me 
In my sky
You don’t know why
I love being this way