F'd Up Paradise

Julia Ross

Red lips, little black dress, heels to the floor
Such a wonderful mess, sheís an unlocked door
Every inch of her is fighting for her life
But she doesnít wanna know the reasons why

So she bites her lip and shuts her eyes
Then she turns it off
This is how it is, the room starts to spin
And she spins along

Then she gets too drunk to drive
Finds a body for the night
Sheís gotta feel that perfect sin
Get that sweet medicine

Before the gin wears off
Sheíll let the dancing hypnotize
Tomorrow all in knots
And her body does the crime
Before the sun has a chance to rise
On her Fíd up paradise

Next day new face canít look him in the eye
Cigarettes in a strange room then itís goodbye
Push it down, block it out now, no regrets
The mind buries what the heart canít quite forget

Pre Chorus

Itís what I want leave me alone
I like it when Iím lost
I got a savior in a glass
The ice is getting hot

Itís when a life feels like a death
And nothingís all youíve got
Itís when a fall is coming soon
That the bottom races up to meet you