No Negative


I've been living that triggered life
I've been hittin' that hard dislike
Been troll, been a queen, been a nun
Makin' fun shootin' words from a gun

I've been looking out, not inside
I've been living that dark-web life
Think I better go clean my room
Trash my phone grab a rag and a broom

So don't gimme that negative
That ain't no way to live
Yeah, I've been thinking about
Who I wanna be

It can't be all take, no give
That ain't no way to live
Can I get an amen
Oh... are you with me? Positively

(post chorus)
Nah nah nah nah nah
Nah Nah
No more negative
Nah Nah
No More Negative
No negative

Gettin' tired of left and right
I don't wanna just pick a side
Shoutin' loud make you feel like you won
Picking fights gettin' nothin' done

Too stressed and I just can't deal
The struggle got way too real
Won't be sleeping in, don't got time
Waking up gonna live my life