Sugar Daddy


All dressed up, looking fine
She’s the one you call
When you want a real good time
You’ll think it’s love
But behind her eyes
There’s a brokenhearted girl there
That the beauty hides
Man in the limo… needs honey
All alone, just him and his money
She’s on him so fast it’s funny
Then he says…

"I’m gonna turn your life around
You’re my queen, now here’s your crown
Anything you want to
Sugar daddy’s got you
Fly you all around
Then I’ll take you on the town
Anything you want to
Sugar daddy’s got you"

She’s all fun
All the time
From Paris to New York City...
No, she don’t gotta spend a dime

Such a pro
And he’s never felt so alive
It’s a game and she’s the trophy
But she demands that he treats her right


Money makes the world go round and round
And she could spend his all night… night… night…
I’m telling you that they got an arrangement wrong or right
Filling that hole inside
Live that good life